Born and raised in Russia, I received a Master’s degree in fine art and design from the Moscow School of Applied Arts, where I also studied world History of Art and costumes. After graduating I began my career as a painter and my pieces were displayed and sold in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe. Since that time I have worked as an illustrator and art director for various companies in Moscow and Toronto. My artistic abilities have been recognized through numerous national and international awards for illustrations, graphic design and photography.

Through my personal work, I seek to create enchanting, curious and captivating art, which stems from a certain emotional, historical or cultural approach. I seek to balance real life with spiritualism, the elegance of classical art with modern vision. I like to experiment and play with elements melting one, into another.

I am always being influenced by my environment. I love Toronto — the city of diversity where you can find pieces of nearly any culture, and from this, I get inspired. There are few places in this world that so beautifully merge various ethnic traditions and backgrounds, along with this constant wave of new and contemporary elements.

I don’t believe art is often intentional. It is not bound to be any one thing, nor should it be described any one way. My art, while having a certain idea behind it, is free to be interpreted on a very individual basis and does not necessarily fall under a specific description, nor is it destined to be any one genre of art.

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2016 • Finalist of "New Children's Book" competition for a series of illustration.

2013 • Applied Arts Award for fine art photography series: Applied Arts, Photography & Illustration.

2009 • Applied Arts Award for book cover illustration: Applied Arts, Photography & Illustration.

2009 • XPOSE photography and Illustration Award

2005 • Award for book cover design: Applied Arts, Design & Advertising.

2004 • Gold Prize for corporate design: XEROX National Graphic Design Competition

2003 • Gold and Silver Prize for logo and booklet design: XEROX National Graphic Design Competition

2002 • Applied Arts Award for advertising illustration: Applied Arts, Photography & Illustration

2002 • Gold and Bronze Prize for digital illustration: Graphic Exchange Digital Art Awards

2001 • Gold Prize for digital illustration: Graphic Exchange Digital Art Awards

1996 • Gold Prize for commercial poster: City of Moscow Advertising Contest, Russia





Random House Publishing

Harper Collins Publishing

Penguin Group


American Girl

Bloomsbury Publishing

Harlequin Enterprises

ECW Press

Cloak Fashion Design


Bell Canada

Royal Bank


Toronto Russian Film Festival



Oxford Press



EKSMO publishing

TV-Park Publishing House

MOSCOW Executive Club

Computerland International Inc.

United Bank



DOUBLE VISION 2016 Fine Art Portraiture Todmorden Mills’ Papermill Gallery Toronto. March 8-20

THE ARTIST PROJECT 2014       Contemporary Art Fair Exhibition Place, Toronto.  Febfuary, 2014.

DOUBLE VISION 2012 Fine Art Portraiture CAPIC, Toronto. Toronto Image Works  April , 2012.

XPOSE ‘09 Winners of XPOSE, CAPIC National Photography & Illustration Award, 2009. Artscape Wychwood Barns Gallery.  Toronto, May 2009.

DOUBLE VISION 2009 Fine Art Portraiture CAPIC, Toronto. Toronto Image Works  December, 2009.

DOUBLE VISION 2008 Fine Art Portraiture CAPIC, Toronto. Toronto Image Works  December, 2008.

Petit Théatre Solo Exhibition ARTA Gallery, Toronto. October 13 – 25, 2007


DOUBLE VISION 2006  Fine Art Portraiture CAPIC  December 2006.

Painting Solo Exhibition «Moscow» Executive Club  Moscow, 1994.

TEATRO Painting Solo Exhibition The Metropol Hotel Gallery, Moscow, 1995.

FISH IN BLUE Painting Solo Exhibition Solyanka Gallery, Moscow, 1994.


CENT-PARADISE Painting Exhibition Moscow, 1990.

Young Artists Painting Exhibition Moscow, 1989.

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